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Comparative Survey, Descriptive Research

  Comparative survey research is a type of descriptive survey where it aims to compare the status of two or more variable, institutions, strategies etc. This technique often uses multiple disciplines in one study.This does not only compare different groups but also same group over time.Few points are to be kept in mind before starting the comparative survey. ·        Comparison Points -The research should be very clear regarding the points to be compared. This can also be identified through review of literature and experience of experts. ·        Assumption of Similarities -  One has to be clear about the similarities the two variable hold. If the researcher do not find this there is no point of comparison. Criteria of Comparison - The researcher has to identify the criteria of comparison keeping in mind the fairness and objectivity. Appropriate tools has to be identified for measurement of criterion variables. Comparative survey research is carried on when the researcher cannot

Analyse Shaw’s Pygmalion as a Problem Play

Character Sketch Eliza Doolittle Character Sketch of Henry Higgins Best Quotes Mingling of Genres in Pygmalion Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers Pygmalion is a richly complex play written by George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).   He was deeply interested in the sound of words as well as in their sense of meaning. As such, he wrote Pygmalion a play about speech and phonetics. It is particularly a problem- play and the problem goes much deeper than the bare story as told. Shaw demonstrates how speech and etiquette preserve class distinctions. It encloses within itself assumptions of social superiority and inferiority that underlie the class system, middle class morality, identity and kinds of manners. It shows the transformation that happens in a person’s life by teaching correct pronunciation and good manners. The problem in the play, therefore, is the world problem of education.                                         Disgusted with the misspelt of the language Shaw speaks i