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Comparative Survey, Descriptive Research

  Comparative survey research is a type of descriptive survey where it aims to compare the status of two or more variable, institutions, strategies etc. This technique often uses multiple disciplines in one study.This does not only compare different groups but also same group over time.Few points are to be kept in mind before starting the comparative survey. ·        Comparison Points -The research should be very clear regarding the points to be compared. This can also be identified through review of literature and experience of experts. ·        Assumption of Similarities -  One has to be clear about the similarities the two variable hold. If the researcher do not find this there is no point of comparison. Criteria of Comparison - The researcher has to identify the criteria of comparison keeping in mind the fairness and objectivity. Appropriate tools has to be identified for measurement of criterion variables. Comparative survey research is carried on when the researcher cannot

Discuss similarity between POEM and SHORT STORY

Novel and Short Story           The short story has a close connection with poem as there is in both a unique union of idea and structure.  It has been described as poetic in structure and narrative in intention, with the rare combination of ‘precision’ and ‘passion’ which provide beauty and appeal to it.  That is, a story should be compressed and economical the way a poem is free from digression and marked by intensity and wholeness.          According to Thesaurus dictionary , a poem is – “ A verbal composition designed to convey experiences, ideas or emotions      in a vivid  and imaginative way, characterized by the use of language chosen      for its sound and  suggestive power and by the use of literary techniques such as meter, metaphor and rhyme .”      According to encyclopedia, “Poetry is a form of literary art which uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism and meter to evoke meaning in addition to or in pl

Discuss the difference between Novel and Short Story

Poem and Short Story               Critics are of the opinion that during the depressing decades of the 19 th century, the short story found its inner and authentic voice.   It is preferred for its special feature; that of motion of remembrance.   Though, the writers are often great novelists; and the novelists, a great story writer but the short stories and novels are at par with each other.   We often find that a story is read in one sitting so its effect is sudden, powerful and revealing; whereas novel involves readers at a more leisurely pace, slowly illuminating complexities as it takes days to read. Moving forward towards novel, which is a marvelous fiction, its real    beauty   lies in its characterization and plot development.   It has several twists in the main story, and the reader often feels that the main story has been deviated and affected by the involvement of different sub-stories and sub-plots or by the involvement of new important character.   Notwithstand