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Comparative Survey, Descriptive Research

  Comparative survey research is a type of descriptive survey where it aims to compare the status of two or more variable, institutions, strategies etc. This technique often uses multiple disciplines in one study.This does not only compare different groups but also same group over time.Few points are to be kept in mind before starting the comparative survey. ·        Comparison Points -The research should be very clear regarding the points to be compared. This can also be identified through review of literature and experience of experts. ·        Assumption of Similarities -  One has to be clear about the similarities the two variable hold. If the researcher do not find this there is no point of comparison. Criteria of Comparison - The researcher has to identify the criteria of comparison keeping in mind the fairness and objectivity. Appropriate tools has to be identified for measurement of criterion variables. Comparative survey research is carried on when the researcher cannot

The Quest of Self in The Portrait Of A Lady

  Feminism and Feminist Theory Character Sketch of Isabel Archer Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers Pygmalion as Problem Play The quest of self in The Portrait of a lady is vital because a kind of psychic journey forms the very heart of the novel.  The journey is that of a mysterious and an uncommitted self, setting out to find the right house to live in and the right partner to live with. Evidently, the journey of Isabel in the novel is analogous to the journey of the inquiring self, seeking identity and realization. Henry James’s moral universe consists of two worlds –means and ends. In the world of means, everyone and everything is shown of a fixed intrinsic worth. The world of ends is one wherein everyone and everything has an intrinsic worth and respectability. In case of Isabel Archer, she thinks she is ascending towards the world of ends, but actually she is descending into the world of means. After her marriage, she realises that instead of being a free creature devoted to the