Comparative Survey, Descriptive Research

  Comparative survey research is a type of descriptive survey where it aims to compare the status of two or more variable, institutions, strategies etc. This technique often uses multiple disciplines in one study.This does not only compare different groups but also same group over time.Few points are to be kept in mind before starting the comparative survey. ·        Comparison Points -The research should be very clear regarding the points to be compared. This can also be identified through review of literature and experience of experts. ·        Assumption of Similarities -  One has to be clear about the similarities the two variable hold. If the researcher do not find this there is no point of comparison. Criteria of Comparison - The researcher has to identify the criteria of comparison keeping in mind the fairness and objectivity. Appropriate tools has to be identified for measurement of criterion variables. Comparative survey research is carried on when the researcher cannot

Discuss English as a Global Language

Discipline as a Souce of Knowledge

Education vs Indoctrination

Today, English has acquired the position of global language. Perhaps, it is the only language that is widespread across the world. It functions in different kinds of societies as a mother tongue, second language, official language, foreign language, lingua-franca, medium of education etc. No other language has undergone innumerable transformations within the country as well as in other countries. This happened due to its vital characteristics of adapting to changing situations.

The spread and rise of English is the result of geographic expansion and settlement of America, Australia and South Africa by English speaking people, besides the colonization of Asia and Africa. The intermingling of different languages with English besides giving rise to new Englishes developed new identities, new nations and new literatures. It is the legacy of British colonialism as well as imperialism that has left many countries with the language thoroughly institutionalized in their administration, education, trade and commerce.

There is no denying the fact that a language acquires the position of global status not because of its intrinsic structural properties or immense vocabulary or rich literature. But the chief reason behind is the power especially the political, economical and military power.  During the 19th cen. the economy of Britain was the most productive and the fastest growing in the world. In the 20th cen. the world presence was maintained and promoted by America. And, the language behind these was English. In other words it can be said that to achieve a global status a language needs a strong base and a force to popularize itself.

Besides, the globalization of the market, development of science and technology, travel and tourism an essence was felt of the language which can serve as medium of communication to all. The influence of English language cannot be denied in any sphere of our life. It is the language of power and prestige, the language of global access and the language that conducts the affairs of the world. Since, English has the common qualities amid variations in different countries it has been accepted as a global language.

Owing to the global market, countries like Russia, China, Germany, France and Japan who passionately sustained and promoted their language are looking forward towards the acceptance and importance of English language. Thus, the language today is no exception.



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